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More Security

We at HooBee have a certain pride and confidence in our saddles and feel that owning one is something to be proud of. Something that upsets us is the fact that some fool may deprive you of any of your tack. You work hard for your money and to have tack stolen is not a nice expereince. In order to reduce the chance of this happening to you HooBee have decided to install a Datatag in every saddle we make from now on. Visit the Datatag website for all the details. We look forward to working with Datatag and ensuring the security of your HooBee.

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Having been in business now for 6 months we have restructured the pricing. The bad news is that there have had to be increases, the good news is that we have two new models - the Ultra and the Elite. We will be getting photos onto the gallery very soon. Also in the pricing structure, we have included the option to have the shape of flap that suits you, it is no longer an extra cost to have the cut of the saddle adjusted to your specification.

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HooBee International

Yes, you read it right, we now have shipped a saddle to the USA. We are also now associate members of BETA (The British Equestrian Trade Association). Full information will be in our next HooBee News, due out in April.

Welcome to the HooBee Saddles website

HooBee Saddles offer a bespoke saddle manufacturing service that will provide you with the best quality tack and an unparralleled riding experience.

The HooBee saddle has been designed to be an affordable, single saddle to fit any horse without having to make specific adjustments. Gone are the days of worrying about your horse changing shape and having to be refitted after any time off.

Quotes from the first time people try the HooBee:

"Whatever the horse did, the saddle made me feel that I would still be there at the end of it"

"Now I've ridden in a HooBee I don't want to ride in anything else."

"I feel so much more secure when jumping in the HooBee than in any other saddle"

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