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How it came about - Hoobee Jump

The HooBee saddle came into being when I started breaking in one of the youngsters using an old donkey saddle. I had become disillusioned over saddles having spent a lot of time and even more money trying to ensure all the horses had saddles that fitted them and finding that the horses were still not comfortable.

Breaking in the youngsters with the donkey saddle meant I never had to worry about the fit as it only had a half tree, however it was made pre war I never liked using it for long as I was concerned as to whether there was anything wrong with the foam filling because of it's age. I started thinking that having a tree like this was the way forward and started investigating whether there was anything available that was similar. I found lots of treeless saddles or new style saddles that purported to fit anything or be 'easily' adjustable but at a vast cost.

I decided that what I wanted was something similar to my donkey saddle but using new techniques and materials and have some adjustments to suit my job of show jumping.

I met Jodi Hooper, who came highly recommended, and between us we have developed the Hoobee. We hope you will like riding on it as much as we do.

The Hoobee has now been used for showjumping up to 1.40m level, dressage, polocrosse and general riding and to date all the comments we have had have been that people prefer it to their 'normal' saddle.