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Horse problems that have been resolved by using the HooBee

My horse bucks a lot after a jump.

Many horses react badly to a poorly fitting saddle and if it's uncomfortable when jumping this can often lead to bucking on landing. We have found that using the HooBee resolves a lot of these issues in horses.

My horse rushes its jumps.

Horses soon learn that if they jump in a saddle that isnt fitted properly or is umcomfortable that it will hurt when they stretch for a jump and therefore rush to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. As the HooBee has limited pressure points it should not hurt and horses approach jumps in a more level fashion and move away from the jumps at an even pace also.

My horse refuses all the time.

This is the alternative reaction to the jump rushing characteristic described above. If you are experiencing stops or ducking out then it may be possible that your horse doesnt want to have the experience of jumping in your current saddle. We have seen many instances where using a HooBee saddle has solved this problem.

My horse wont stand off a jump and puts 'little' strides in on take off

This is for the same reason as below. If the horse has tight pressure points over it's shoulders it will not wish to open up it's stride in front of a jump and will find that it's easier to jump from a deep stride than standing off a jump. We have found that when horses are ridden in the HooBee they find they can move their shoulders and are more happy to stand off their jumps.

My horse is tight in front and shuffles

Horses that are tight in the shoulders because of the points in their saddle pressing on the shoulder blades and causing pain and restricted movement. We have found that horses open up and move much more freely in a HooBee saddle.

We are not saying that horses only exhibit the problems above because of saddle problems, far from it, we know very well that there are many other factors that can and do affect the way that a horse behaves. What we would say is that we have seen horses change their attitude and start looking for jumps and really opening up as they get used to being in a HooBee saddle. This change takes place often within the first time they are ridden in a HooBee, contact us for a chance to try one and see for yourself.