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HooBee Frequently Asked Questions

Also see Problems for problems that horses and riders have noticed disappear when riding in a HooBee.

Theres no way I can stay on a horse in a saddle like that!

You see the saddle, you panic but yes you can remain safely on your horse in the HooBee. The HooBee offers unparralleled 'stickabilty'. Riders who are at first apprehensive are amazed at how secure they feel in the HooBee. Because you are close to the horse you are able to react as the horse moves, giving you the advantage when it comes to remaining in place.

How heavy is the HooBee?

The HooBee weighs only 8lbs. Compared to other saddles this is a huge gain. Weigh your regular saddle and then imagaine carrying the difference around all day. Wouldnt you like to save your horse that much effort?

OK, the HooBee sounds amazing but if its that good it's got to be out of my budget.

The HooBee is always going to be priced competitively - currently the basic HooBee Jump is only 600 (GBP). It wont be the cheapest saddle you can get (who wants the cheapest product for their horse anyway?) but it will also always be much cheaper than saddles that offer similar 'adaptable' features.#

If I buy a saddle direct I will still need to get a saddler in to fit it.

No, you wont. The HooBee is exclusive in so far as it is an 'off the shelf' saddle. You get it and put it on your horse. There is no fitting or adjusting to get it right. It fits, first time.

What do I get for my money?

When you buy a HooBee you get the saddle. In the first stages of use the foam that supports the saddle may compress as it adjusts to you and your horse. This is likely to take 6 - 12 months of use. If this compression becomes excessive we offer a free review, and refit if necessary, in order to keep you in perfect harmony with your horse.

I'd like to put this on my pony, are there different sizes?

Yes. The seat size can range from 15in to 18.5in, which we feel will fit a 13HH pony to as large as you can get. If you tell us the size of your pony, we will build the saddle to suit. Due to the unique design of the saddle there is no concern over having a saddle too large as there is no presssure on the horse behind your seat.

If these saddles are custom built, will i be waiting a long time for it?

The HooBee is a custom saddle, we build each one to specifc order requirements. However, we guarantee delivery within 28 days. Once delivered there is no need to arrange for any fitting so you will be in your HooBee comfortably within the time it often takes to get any other saddle.

Is my saddle suitable for all activities?

The HooBee can be used for any activity and meets the requirements for British Dressage, British Eventing and BSJA and riding club. We are currently in negotiations with the Pony Club to see if it can be used there too.

# - This price is available until Mar 2006. After that date the prices currently quoted on this website are going to be reviewed.