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What is the HooBee?

The ultimate, close contact (3” away from the horse) one size fits all, easy to use comfortable and affordable saddle.

Without going into too much science stuff the saddle is based on a reduced ½ tree.

The tree we have fabricated for us, to our specific design, and it allows complete movement through the shoulder as we have eliminated the need for points, while still benefitting from the safety of a modern ½ tree and the flexibility of a new design.

When we co-designed the saddle, Annette wanted to keep a few basic ideals in place:

  • No matter what time of year, winter or summer, to have 1 saddle to do the job of 2 was a priority.
  • If you horse had been enjoying the lush grass of summer or been on box rest for 6 weeks the saddle would still fit
  • No matter how many horses the rider rode that their saddle would fit all of them.
  • To sit on your horse and to really feel it underneath you and not to feel like you are perching on top.
  • So with Annette’s years of experience in the equestrian and show jumping world, Jodi’s knowledge and experience in the saddlery world and a basic pattern the HooBee was created.

    What’s it made from:

    The Panel (underside)
    These are made to a set thickness but can be adjusted to give the rider more elevation behind (automatically done with the HooBee Dressage), but this can also be added to.

    The Flaps
    These come in 2 designs, forward cut for jumping, hunting or hacking (see HooBee GP) or straight cut for dressage.

    These can both have extra padding put in the knee and/or behind in the thigh area. We advise against too much padding as you lose the benefits of the close contact.

    Your HooBee can be made from suede or leather, in black or Havana with the option of having suede or leather knee rolls.

    The girth pulls are dressage length to avoid bulky buckles under the leg. They are english raw hide and hand sewn in place.

    The HooBee comes in varying seat sizes. Although there is no cantle as such, thus eliminating pressure points on the back in the kidney area, it would look odd having an 18” seat on a 14.2 pony. So the seat sizes goes from 15” to 18”. This would fit a 13 hh pony upwards.

    If you have any unusual colour requests 9 out of 10 times this can be catered for, possibly at a slight additional cost.

    To date the Hoobee has been used on more than 50 horses, ranging from 13hh Cobs to a 17.2hh horse and everything in between.

    It’s your saddle, tell us what you want!!!!